Year-round Partner

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Year-round partner, one monthly fee

Let us develop a customized program for you.

Instead of charging for services on an hourly basis, we can provide you with the capabilities you need for a set monthly fee. Typically, we achieve economies of scale that lower your costs compared to have these functions in-house or using separate vendors for each service.

An outsourced accounting program can include:

  • Accounting Services
    • Telephone and E-mail Support
    • Bookkeeping Services
    • Full Service Payroll Processing
    • Accounting System Review
    • Compiled Financial Statements
    • Accounting Work Papers
    • Adjusting Journal Entries
    • Asset Listing and Depreciation Schedules
  • Tax Services
    • Federal Income Tax Returns
    • State and Local Income Tax Returns
    • Projecting Estimated Tax Payments Due
    • Personal Property Tax Returns
    • Payroll Tax Returns
    • Business Tax Licenses
    • Sales Tax Returns
    • Information Returns for Independent Contractors
  • Advice and Planning
    • Annual Budgeting
    • Executive Summary of Financial Statements
    • Federal and State Tax Planning
    • Personal Financial Statements