Our Approach

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When you work with Baker Sullivan Hoover, you’ll quickly see that we’re not a typical accounting firm. We ask questions, share insights, and look beyond the numbers to help you understand your financial health and plan for the road ahead. Our broad capabilities put your accounting function on par with your larger competitors who have these services in house.

We deliver the greatest value when we remain involved with you as your business partner throughout the year, so when tax time comes, there are no unpleasant surprises. We’ll keep you updated with:

  • Monthly reviews of your business’ finances and assistance as issues arise.
  • Quarterly Executive Summaries of key financial indicators specifically for your business, so you can monitor your progress and adapt as necessary.
  • An annual review of where your business has been and assist you in end-of-year tax planning and budgeting for the year to come.

Customized, year-round support

Although we offer a comprehensive approach, it’s never cookie-cutter. We’ll develop a unique plan of action for your business and apply just the right services to meet your unique needs.