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How well do you know the Client Document Vault?

What is the Client Document Vault?

The Client Document Vault powered by ShareFile is a cloud-based service that Baker Sullivan Hoover uses to share and store your files. The technology is both convenient and confidential.

Easy to Use

  • It is an easy way to share big business files with people
  • To send a file, just click on the “Send a File” link on the navigation bar, enter an email address and click to upload your file
  • Large individual files can be uploaded
  • The service is compatible with both Mac and PC


  • Audited data centers ensure privacy and security of confidential information
  • Files are encrypted in transfer and storage
  • You have access to customizable security settings

Multiple Ways to Access Your Client Document Vault:

Via the Baker Sullivan Hoover Website

  • You can easily access your account from anywhere by simply going to the BSH website
  • Under “Client Log-in” there is a link to the “Client Vault”
  • From there it is secure to log in and exchange confidential files no matter where you are or what type of internet connection you have

Via the Free Phone and Tablet App*

Search for “ShareFile” in your device’s App Store and download the free app that allows you to log in to your Client Document Vault

Mobile features

  • Browse your vault and download files to your device
  • Easily open and manage downloaded files (requires compatible viewer on your device)
  • E-mail files securely from your account
  • Request uploads to your account via e-mail
  • Add users to existing folders in your account
  • Sync files across all devices
  • Upload files directly from your mobile device
  • You can specify a passcode for additional protection of your account, which will ensure that the account data is encrypted even if the encryption is not enabled for the device overall

*Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Blackberry, and Windows Phone

Via the Desktop Widget

Download the Desktop Widget from the “Apps” section when you are logged in to your Client Document Vault

Widget features

  • Drag and drop desktop files to and from the widget for quick downloading and uploading
  • Right click files, folders, or anywhere in the widget to bring up an actions menu
  • You can set preferences, such as automatic login, minimized to desktop, and show extensions, to fit your needs


BSH’s goal through the Client Document Vault is to make exchanging information both simple and safe. There are several ways to utilize this service and hopefully one of them is a convenient way for you to connect with us. If you have any questions about using your Client Document Vault please give us a call.

The content of this transmission does not constitute a professional service nor does it constitute a tax opinion under IRS Circular 230. Always consult with a competent professional service provider for advice on tax, accounting, and other financial matters specific to your situation. If you wish to engage our firm for this purpose, please contact our office.

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