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3 Technologies to Simplify Your Financial Life and Reduce Identity Theft

Most people today use their smartphones and/or tablets to keep up with emails, maintain calendars, and maybe even play a game or two. But did you know you can use these devices to help protect your personal and financial information? Experts recommend monitoring your account balances and getting statements online as one of the best ways to prevent identity theft.

Most financial institutions offer websites and mobile apps that make this easy to do. This, however, is only the tip of what technology can do to simplify and secure your financial life. We recommend the following 3 sites or apps to enhance your financial security. These tools seamlessly integrate your desktop, smartphone and tablet. They are all user-friendly and will make you wish you had known about them sooner!



LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. Your password is ultimately the only line of defense between your financial information and the outside world. Instead of using slight variations of the same password for every single website, like most people do, LastPass enables you to come up with complex and unique passwords for all of your accounts. All you have to do is log into LastPass using your one encrypted master password and then LastPass will automatically log you on securely to any website that you choose. This method provides much better protection for your confidential information.



From the makers of QuickBooks and Quicken, Mint presents your financial life, all in one place. Once set up, Mint is a secure app that automatically pulls all your financial information and helps you to set a budget, track goals, and do more with your money. More than 10 million people use this app to stay on top of all their accounts – checking, savings, investments, retirement, credit cards, and mortgages – at any moment of the day. In addition, you can set Mint for interactive email alerts that notify you when you have exceeded your budget or account balances are running low. Think of how much easier your tax return would be next year if all your deductions were already recorded and categorized in one place. Mint makes that possible.



Your BSH Client Document Vault is powered by ShareFile, which is modern technology’s version of a safety deposit box. This cloud-based service allows you to confidentially and conveniently share and store financial records, such as tax returns, wills, insurance policies, etc. The mobile app enables you to download files to your device, e-mail file links securely from your account, upload files, and sync content across your phone, tablet, and desktop.

If you have questions about any of these technologies, would like additional information, or desire assistance setting them up, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

The content of this transmission does not constitute a professional service nor does it constitute a tax opinion under IRS Circular 230. Always consult with a competent professional service provider for advice on tax, accounting, and other financial matters specific to your situation. If you wish to engage our firm for this purpose, please contact our office.

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