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We Interpret Your Numbers

Numbers tell a story.

They help you understand not only where your business has been, but also where it’s going. Armed with this knowledge, BSH can help you make wise business decisions.

We’ll work with you to set up an arrangement that works best with your needs, from handling all your accounting work ourselves to training your existing staff to do as much of it as you’d like. We’ll regularly review their work for accuracy, fill in the gaps and make any necessary adjustments. Much of this oversight can be done remotely from our offices in real time, which saves you money.

A convenient monthly dashboard

Once a solid accounting and financial reporting foundation is in place, we work with you to identify key performance indicators and summarize them on a unique monthly Dashboard Report, which includes all the key financial information you need to manage your business and assess its performance. More importantly, we discuss your financial information with you to help you understand what it all means.

Your outsourced accounting department

For many small businesses, it can be prohibitively expensive to have an accounting function in house. By outsourcing your accounting to us, we can save you time and money and help you better manage your business for the long term.

BSH can connect your financials — bookkeeping, billing and collections, accounts payable, credit card and bank transactions, payroll and more — to improve efficiency and give you a clear picture of your overall position. And all your data is safe and fully secure.

Plus, tying these functions together gives us a deeper understanding of your total financial picture, so we can give you more timely and useful advice to help maximize profitability, minimize taxes and reach your financial goals.

And perhaps best of all, because you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping, accounting and tax functions, you can devote more attention to your core business and customers.