At a Glance

Nashville, TN (615) 255-6143

In order to truly focus on your future and bring the most value to your business we strive to build relationships rather than merely providing services. This means staying involved with you and your business on a continuing basis throughout the year, not just checking in once or twice a year to prepare your taxes.

We will be there each month to review your business’ finances and offer assistance as issues arise. This is the foundation for building our relationship. Each quarter we offer an Executive Summary of key financial indicators specifically for your business, so that you can monitor your progress and adapt as necessary. Each year we will review where your business has been and assist you in end-of-year tax planning and budgeting for the year to come. Finally, we will focus on the tax compliance needs for the year with confidence that there will be no surprises in tax liability or missed opportunities.

This graphic illustrates the services we perform for a typical small business and its owners throughout the year. Our services are most effective and our relationship the strongest when we work with you on a continual basis.