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You are in an excellent profession! The accounting profession is finally being valued for its services and will likely become one of the most highly paid professions of the new millennium. Employment of accountants is expected to increase faster than the average for other occupations.

CPA’s are no longer historians. They have become strategic thinkers and facilitators of sophisticated business deals and acquisitions. CPA’s are the architects of the financial security on which companies, individuals, and families, as well as governments, depend. The CPA is not only the client’s most trusted advisor, but a critical element in the client’s present and future business.

The CPA of today and tomorrow will require not only the advance skills obtained through formal education, but the "soft" skills of communication and problem-solving ability--skills not always taught in the classroom.

Baker Sullivan Hoover offers a unique opportunity for accounting graduates to learn these soft skills by offering a top notched client base on which to perform high level services. We have established a reputation of excellence in the Nashville area. We offer a number of growth opportunities for new hires in tax, accounting, business consulting and financial planning. We provide value-added solutions for our clients and opportunities for our staff to broaden their experience.

Our unique "entrepreneurial-style" compensation package is sure to intrigue you by its generosity and fairness. In addition, we offer a competitive benefits package and valuable experience and training. For more information about our firm please peruse our web site.

If you are interested in a career in public accounting with Baker Sullivan Hoover, please send us your resume utilizing one of the following methods:

  •     Email (in the form of a MS Word or Adobe PDF attachment)
  •     Fax it to: 615-255-6184
  •     U.S. Postal Mail