Financial Planning

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We Focus on Achieving Your Goals.

You've maximized your business’s profitability and minimized your taxes—now what?

Now comes the fun stuff. Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals. It provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It also helps you understand how each decision you make affects other areas of your finances.

We share your dreams. Your goals are important to us. And we believe we are uniquely qualified to help you reach them. In addition to being CPAs, we are Certified Financial Planners (CFP).  Our thorough planning advice will help you accomplish your objectives, whether it’s paying for your kids’ college, retiring comfortably or sailing around the world. Our only compensation is what you pay us directly.

Case Study: Retiring on Your Own Terms

In 1990 most of us had never heard of “Y2K” and the problems facing software developers. Our client was a software developer who wanted our help to retire before December 31, 1999. He didn’t want to spend the last few years of his career dealing with rewriting decades of computer coding.

We worked with him to identify what his retirement nest egg would need to be to retire at the end of 1999 at the age of 56 and travel the country in a luxury RV before settling down. We assessed his risk tolerance to make sure his investments were appropriately allocated between safety and growth assets. We protected him from risks he couldn’t afford to bear financially or emotionally. We created a plan for him to become debt free and we prefunded his children’s college education costs. We systematically liquidated business assets and maximized profitability.

Sure enough, he sold his business and retired in 1999. He woke up to Y2K without a care in the world! He ended up with over twice his original goal thanks to a well-designed financial plan. He and his wife then hit the road in their luxury RV to tour the country at their leisure. The client exceeded his goals.

Personal Financial Services

We will help you create a plan to achieve the future you've been dreaming about.

We share your dreams. Your goals are important to us. And we believe we are uniquely qualified to help you reach them.

As your CPA, we have an intimate knowledge of your tax situation which is critical to all financial planning decisions. As Certified Financial Planners (CFP) with over 20 years of experience, we will effectively assess where you are, where you want to be and develop a plan to get you there. We will coordinate all planning recommendations and decisions with your other financial advisors in a collaborative effort.

We all need to take the past seriously, especially the consequences of that past. But isn’t it time to focus on where you want to be? We think so, too.

Service Offerings:

  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Asset Allocation
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning